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Minimal Desks 2 year anniversary!

I’m not very good at anniversary stuff (just ask my poor wife) but I wanted to post a note expressing gratitude for this milestone.  I’ve loved watching this site evolve into a resource and “idea book”, if you will, of minimal desks and simple workspaces.  I sometimes deviate from this theme and post pictures that depict something a bit more rowdy, shall we say.  The key is that sometimes people thrive and do their best work amongst the chaos.  After-all, at the end of the day this is all that matters!  I resist the urge to just post desktop pictures but instead prefer to place that workspace in context and show what the entire room looks like.  I think this adds additional value to the idea we’re trying to convey on the site. 

Just two more quick bits so you can get back to your weekend:  Firstly, to date we have nearly 1100 posts!  I love the search as much as I like posting and sharing my finds with you all.  Secondly, I’m pleased to report that we have achieved perfect attendance in this two year span.  Not one day has gone by where a post did not go up.  Based on the wonderful notes I frequently receive it appears you guys enjoy what we’re doing and appreciate the consistency.

Thanks for the pleasure!

Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction. Minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus.

If it doesn’t help you focus, or make you more productive, or do more of what you want to do, then it is failed subtraction. It is not minimalism, because at the core of minimalism is the idea that you want to get to somewhere better than you are now.