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One item of feedback I received recently is about insufficient postings that contain NO computer on the desk.  There’s actually a decent amount of those desks here but I decided to make it easier to locate.  So I have added a “Computerless” category down the right column under “Quick find by:.” This category will get updated along the way but already has a nice archive of about 70 or so desks.

Here’s a direct link:

A quick question. Help me decide.

I’m passionate about minimalism, productivity, software tools, hardware tools, ergonomics, and so forth.  I feel like these topics tie heavily into and extend what we do here but I don’t feel comfortable posting/sharing those findings/thoughts here directly.  I want to keep this site squarely focused on the visual, if possible.  If I were to create a 100% free monthly newsletter (maybe bi-monthly down the road), is this something that you folks would be interested in subscribing to?  Drop me a note at “contact |AT|” with your thoughts or “like” this post if you’re a Tumblr follower so I can gauge interest to some extent.