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One item of feedback I received recently is about insufficient postings that contain NO computer on the desk.  There’s actually a decent amount of those desks here but I decided to make it easier to locate.  So I have added a “Computerless” category down the right column under “Quick find by:.” This category will get updated along the way but already has a nice archive of about 70 or so desks.

Here’s a direct link:

A quick question. Help me decide.

I’m passionate about minimalism, productivity, software tools, hardware tools, ergonomics, and so forth.  I feel like these topics tie heavily into and extend what we do here but I don’t feel comfortable posting/sharing those findings/thoughts here directly.  I want to keep this site squarely focused on the visual, if possible.  If I were to create a 100% free monthly newsletter (maybe bi-monthly down the road), is this something that you folks would be interested in subscribing to?  Drop me a note at “contact |AT|” with your thoughts or “like” this post if you’re a Tumblr follower so I can gauge interest to some extent.

Today marks 1 year for MinimalDesks

Today marks the 1 year anniversary that MinimalDesks became hatched out on Tumblr.  To date we have 683 inspirational desk/workspace postings with thousands of followers and scores of daily visitors to the site directly.  I am proud that during this time the site has not missed one single day of postings for your enjoyment.  This includes weekends, holidays and vacations.  This has been a true labor of love for me and I remain as engaged today as I was starting out a year ago.  

We’ve had many posts featured on Life Hacker, Macworld Sweden and we recently made Herman Miller’s Top 10 Destinations of the week.  MinimalDesks will soon be featured in the Design category under the Tumblr Spotlight.  It feels wonderful getting recognized as a resource and adding value to the community at large.

Thanks so much to our wonderful readers for following along this past year and sharing us with your own followers constantly.  I look to many great things in the year ahead.