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A site like this thrives on user submissions to help fuel the curation. If you would like to submit a quality photo (not dark or blurry) of your own desk then please do so.

Please read our few easy requests below.

1. One thing that would be very helpful, although not required of course, is if you could provide a list of as many items in the picture as you can. We get frequent e-mail messages from our fellow readers inquiring about the type of desk, or chair, or lamp or even the type of journal that may be resting on the desk so relaying this info in the post would be most helpful.

2. Including a blurb about how you work or why your desk is setup the way it is or even how it came to be offers insight, and therefore, additional value to our readers and helps make your submission compelling. This encourages others to re-blog.

3. ** We recommend avoiding submissions that show only the desktop. Submissions that include the full desk or even part of the room help frame the workspaces’ context for our readers

4. One final request on submissions. Please provide a source URL so that we may link back to you.

Thank you! Happy submitting.