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For years and years I have been fascinated with desks and workspaces.  As a child I watched my grandmother sit at her desk to get her serious business done.  She may have done her thinking, dreaming or conceiving in other places, but her desk is where she acted on these thoughts.

As an adult I seemed to adopt the same philosophy as my grandmother, and as a result, it is where I developed my affinity for minimal and simple desks or workspaces.  The Internet is a fascinating creation and it enables you to find people just like you, and vice-versa.  I soon realized that for lots of people, much like myself, a desk is the place where people execute their ideas, learn, manage their families, earn their living, plan their vacations, and so on.  For most, a desk becomes the cockpit for ones entire life.  

I created this site to curate some of the best desks and workspaces from around the Internet as well as inject it with my own commentary, ideas and philosophies. is designed to inspire and aid you in your quest to create a desk or workspace environment that allows you to get your best and most important work done.